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Returning the car late

If you return the car past the booking time and have not notified Cityhop, you will receive a $25 fine.
If another member has a booking immediately after yours and is inconvenienced by your being late, you may be liable for an additional $25 fine for each member inconvenienced. The fine will go to the inconvenienced member.


Not returning a vehicle to its pod

All Cityhop bookings are return trips. You must return your car to its home location at the end of your booking.
If you’re unable to return the vehicle back to the allocated pod because another car is parked there or some other obstruction, please call 0800 2 CITYHOP or SMS xx with the new location. We will then tell the next member where the car is.
If you don’t notify us of the location, the next member won’t know where to find the car. If they are inconvenienced by this, you will get a $25 fine, which will be passed on to the inconvenienced member.
Returning the car to a different pod, or deliberately leaving the car elsewhere, will incur a $65 call-out fee, to cover the cost of our Fleet Team returning the car to the pod. You may also be fined $25 for each member you inconvenience from not returning the car.


Less than a 1/4 tank

We ask that all members return the vehicle with a minimum ¼ tank of fuel as to not inconvenience the next member.
If the next member to use the car sends a complaint with evidence, you will get a $25 fine and the inconvenienced member will receive a credit.


Flat Battery

If a car gets a flat battery during or after your booking, you may be held responsible and liable for a call-out fee. To prevent this, always make sure the lights are turned off, the key is taken out of the ignition and all doors/windows are shut when you leave the car.



If a tyre is damaged during your booking you are liable for the cost of replacing the tyre.


We understand that cars get dirty with everyday use, which is why our Fleet Team regularly attend to all our vehicles.
However, if you leave a car that is more dirty than everyday use, so dirty that the next member doesn’t want to use the car, you’ll receive a $65 fine. This is to cover the cost of a special call-out clean, and to compensate the inconvenienced member.


Animals in cars

You can take an animal in any Cityhop car, so long as it is in a suitable pet carrier.
Whether a car is pet-friendly or not, it is your responsibility to ensure the car is clean at the end of your booking.
If a car is not suitable because of animal-related uncleanliness or messiness, the responsible member is liable for a $85 fine. This is to cover a special clean of the vehicle, and to compensate the inconvenienced member.


Smoking in cars

Smoking in Cityhop cars is not allowed. A $150 fine applies for your first offence, but your membership may be terminated on repeat offences.


Taking a car without a booking

Please always make a booking before using a Cityhop car, and ensure that you use the car you made a booking for.
If you drive a car you don’t have a booking for, you will be charged:
1. A minimum $25 per day
2. A $25 fine for each inconvenienced member
3. Usage rates and kilometres for the car that is used, in addition to the rates for the car that is booked (if applicable)


Call out charges

If you require assistance from our Fleet Team or the AA, there are charges that apply if it’s found to be an at-fault issue.
1. AA – $80 – $150 depending on issue and location
2. Fleet Team call out – $65
You may also be charged a call-out fee if you are responsible for a car needing Fleet Team or AA assistance after your booking. For example, parking a car over a driveway, leaving the lights on so the battery is flat, or returning the car with no fuel in the tank.

Late payment

A late payment fee of 2% on your owing balance may be added to your statement if we haven’t received full payment within 30 days, after the due date listed on your invoice.

Investigation Fee

Infringements like unpaid parking fines and speeding fines come through to us from local authorities and the police. As the owner of the car, we then need to investigate who had the booking at the time, and allocate the infringement to the member responsible.
To cover this admin burden, there is a $20 fee for investigating and allocating infringements.
Most of the time this will appear on your invoice as $20 – Admin Fee.