For Business

Cityhop saves time and money

Never worry about a car again

The vehicle, parking, petrol, insurance, the booking engine, servicing, cleaning, maintenance, and administration

Cityhop provides economic benefit

Companies who use cityhop save money. Their teams walk, bike and use other transport modes. They drive less which means less pollution. They are making a difference to a liveable City.

Give your employees the full transport mix.
Car share can be a great alternative to a taxi, fleet car, or public transport,

Cityhop for Developers

Adding car share to a development makes it easy for people buying to see they can live without owning a car and use Cityhop car share

Cityhop for Residents

Great selling point - residents can use an onsite car as if was theirs

All the benefits of owning a car without the hassle

Residents only pay for what they use

A happier, healthier lifestyle - residents can walk, cycle or use public transport

Less car dependence means more money is spent locally

Cityhop for Business

The smart 'fleet' solution

Cityhop takes car of everything - we own the cars, we fuel and clean

No decisions about a new fleet

Enough cars for the whole team

No personal car claims

Simple to follow activity reports

Eco-friendly, affordable, flexible and easy to use

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