Cityhop is New Zealand's first "cars by the hour"
car share company

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Apply online, have your driver's licence and a credit card handy. As soon as you are approved we'll mail you a Cityhop smartcard.


Go online and reserve the car you want from the car park nearest to you.


Hold your Cityhop smartcard on the windscreen and the car doors will unlock.


Now you are ready to drive.

Save time, money and admin

Find out why so many smart businesses use Cityhop to get their team moving. Talk to us about getting carshare into your fleet.

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Hop Starter
$29per year
Cars from $13/hr + $0.40/km fixed at
From $75/day inc. free 120 km

1 insured driver allowed
Best for the occasional trip
Upgrade any time for lower rates
Includes parking, fuel, insurance, maintenance and cleaning
$10.00 Join up fee
Cars in Auckland & Wellington
Hop Business
$10per month
all prices exclude gst
Cars From $9.50/hr + $0.40/km fixed at
From $65/day inc. free 120 km

Unlimited insured drivers
Save time and money with Cityhop
6 month contract, then monthly
Includes parking, fuel, insurance, maintenance and cleaning
No Join up fees
Cars in Auckland & Wellington

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video and see how we work


"Four meetings in almost as many hours, beetling all over town... Best decision ever." - Emma

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Get access to cars parked at convenient locations all over Auckland and Wellington CBD and city fringe.

A range of cars available from $10 an hour, capped at $75 per day including fuel for individual members. See our business plans.

Cityhop for convenient, reliable and affordable access to a fleet of shared cars.

Why own when you can Cityhop?

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Want to save money?

Over 70% of car-sharers listed "Financial savings from reduced car ownership and maintenance costs" as the #1 reason to join Cityhop*
*Auckland Transport Research 2014
  • 75%

Reduce Car Ownership

59% of Cityhop members have sold a car or delayed the purchase of their next car because of car sharing


Be more Active

Cityhop members are more active. They walk and cycle 31% more than their peers

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