About cityhop


cityhop began in December 2006. We successfully won a tender to use Auckland City carparks in June 2007. Our cars hit the streets in August 2007.

Our vision is to provide reliable, viable alternatives to car ownership for New Zealanders in large centres. Our focus is on exceptional service and value for money.

We want cityhop to be one of the fastest growing clubs of its kind.

Victoria Carter & Tim Aple
ciythop CEO's Victoria Carter & Tim Alpe

Rent cars by the hour in Auckland (450KB)
NBR, 3 August 2007

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Who is behind cityhop?

JUCY Rentals and Victoria Carter began cityhop in 2006. JUCY is NZ's fastest growing second tier campa and car rental company.

"Chris Alpe, 'Mr Tourism' who started MAUI saw the concept overseas," says CEO and Founder, Victoria Carter. "He came back with a newspaper clip and said to me don't you think this looks like something you could make happen! I had recently retired from Auckland City Council. Tim, his son who runs JUCY Rentals and I explored how we might get it off the ground and cityhop was born.

"While Auckland may not have quite the same congestion issues as other big cities, like London, we think the concept is still timely. With people being encouraged to use public transport and petrol prices escalating you still need a car sometimes. cityhop is a viable alternative to car ownership. Do the sums (work it out) and you'll find it is not only convenient it's a lot cheaper than owning a car too," adds Victoria.

Today cityhop has a growing team managing it. Victoria is CEO. When she is not cityhopping she sits on a few Boards and does a fair bit of charity work with the Auckland Festival, Auckland Racing Club and her passion, Great Potentials, that transforms disadvantaged families lives.

James Ure is the Operations Manager.  Hailing from the Waitakeres, James has been interested in sustainability for some years. A graduate from AUT in Social Sciences and PR, James has done some work for the Sustainable Business Network.

We have a reservations team of Khiran, Claire, Ruta who process your bookings. Dan keeps an eye on the cars. Steve does the accounts. More on the Wellington team to come.