Staff can Join Cityhop for FREE

No joining fees, No monthly fees, drive a car from just $0.40 per kilometre - no hourly rate!

Sign Up

Apply online, have your driver's licence and a credit card handy.


Go online and reserve the car you want from the car park nearest to you.


Hold your Cityhop smartcard on the windscreen and the car doors will unlock.


Now you are ready to Cityhop!.

We take care of Petrol, Insurance, Parking, Maintenance and Cleaning. You pay only for the kilometres driven or the hours booked.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Will there be any charges?
A: This plan has no join-up or monthly fees. You will only be charged when you use a vehicle.

Q. How much does it cost to take a car?
A: Monday-Friday outside work hours (5pm-8am) WDHB staff can take a car for just $0.40 per kilometre. For example a 10km drive will cost $4.00. See below for advice on how to enter the promo code

Q. Are there any other costs?
A: We take care of petrol, parking, insurance, maintenance and cleaning. You only pay for the kilometres you have driven or the hours you have booked

Q. How long will it take to signup?
A: You can signup and drive away within 5 minutes once our application process is completed

If you have any queries please contact us by phone or email
0800 2 CITYHOP (0800 2 2489467) ||