We have an employee benefit plan to help you travel easier!

You can now create a personal membership for FREE, no joining fees or monthly fees!
Just sign up using the link below, and be sure to mention who your employer is

Cityhop is just like having your own car, but cheaper and with none of the hassles.

Cityhop is excited to offer you access to New Zealand’s largest car share network.

You can now use a Cityhop cars from just $9.50 per hour - including fuel and insurance.

You can add two of your family or friends to the plan at no extra cost.

The plan has no monthly fees, saving you close to $100.00 in the first 6 months!
To take advantage of this deal,

Sign up here!

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I use the same Cityhop access card for my business and personal account?
A: Yes! You can have the same access card for a business and personal account.

Q. Will there be any charges?
A: This plan has no join-up or monthly fees. You will only be charged when you use a vehicle.

Q. I already have a personal account, can I change it over?
A: Yes, please email your account details to info@cityhop.co.nz and we will make the change for you.

If you have any queries please contact us by phone or email
0800 2 CITYHOP (0800 2 2489467) || info@cityhop.co.nz

Application Process

Our signup form has 4 steps:

Step 1
You will need to enter your personal details

Step 2
You will need to enter your Drivers License details

Step 3
We require an emergency contact. This person will only be contacted in case the driver has an accident

Step 4
You have to pick an 8-digit member login.
We suggest using a phone number, date of birth or anything easy for you to remember

If you already have a Cityhop access card, simply choose 'I already have a member pack' option

Once you have completed the application, we will activate the account for you and you will receive an email confirmation