At Cityhop we believe in Community, Accessibility, Inclusivity and want to celebrate those who champion these values and so much more. We are proud to support those who make our Cities and country a better place, and drive us to a more equal society.

To show our respect and celebration to the amazing members of our LGBTQ+ community we are bringing our FAB FIVE “Rainbow” Cityhoppers to Auckland and Wellington, introducing:

  • RuPaul the Corolla
  • Hugo Grrl the Yaris
  • Trixie the Yaris
  • Ginger the Corolla
  • Miss Vanjie the Cargo Van

For every booking in one of our rainbow cityhoppers we will donate $1 to Rainbow Youth*, an incredible organisation that works to ensure Aotearoa is a place where all young people can thrive.

To book a Rainbow car or van simply select Rainbow fleet in the special features filter or look out for the rainbow car icon in the booking engine.

drive and donate

Rainbow Youth Logo

$1 per booking in the Cityhop Rainbow Fleet goes towards Rainbow Youth!
Look for the images below/select Rainbow Fleet in the Special Features filter when making your booking.

*This promotion will be running until November 31st 2021.

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