Signing Up

1How do I join?
Complete the sign-up form online. You will need to be over 18, and have your driver's licence and debit/credit card. Once you've completed your registration simply email photos of the front and back of your licence to If you have a restricted or provisional licence you can sign up to our Hop Rookie plan.
2Choose a Membership Type - Hop Starter or Hop Regular?
If you plan to use Cityhop more than a few hours a month Hop Regular is cheaper. Sign up to Hop Starter if you just want to try it out or are visiting. You can upgrade your plan at any time.
3How long does it take to sign up?
The sign-up process will take about five minutes; your application will be processed the next working day and your card will arrive within 3 working days: if you need a car before this please call us!
4What are my insurance options?
If you have a full New Zealand driver's licence you can choose standard or reduced cover. If you are under 21 or hold a restricted licence, or you have an international licence please select the relevant insurance plan. more info on insurance options can be found here.
5What should i put as my Membership number
You will need to choose an eight-digit membership number when signing up - this is like a username and will be used when you log in. Your access code is your password and may include numbers and letters. If you've forgotten your membership number it will be in one of the first emails we send you after you sign up.

Booking Cars

1How do I book a car?
Log in online and you'll be brought to our booking calendar. Simply select the car you want for the time you need. In the calendar you'll be able to clearly see the availability for your desired car and nearby cars as well.
2What is the day rate?
The day rate is a flat rate that includes up to 24 hours and 150 kms. It is applied automatically to give you the best price.
For the day rate to be applied, bookings and any extensions must be consecutive.
3Do I need to book in advance?
You can book cars far in advance or last minute. You can even book for the current hour if you need to drive straight away.
Most members only book a few hours in advance. To ensure you get a car over long weekends and holidays, you may need to book further in advance.
4Can I extend my booking?
Yes. Booking extensions can be made before the end of your booking by using our mobile friendly site. If you're having difficulty then please call us on 09 374 5081.
5Bookings on the half hour
You can make bookings in half hour slots, but a minimum duration of 1 hour still applies.
6Location surcharges
Some locations have surcharges. The vast majority of our cars do not have location surcharges. The booking system shows any location surcharges (or discounts) applicable before you choose it, and the surcharge is displayed in the booking confirmation screen before you confirm the booking.

During your Trip

1How do I get into the car and where are the keys?
You will be sent a Cityhop access card in the post. This card is used to lock and unlock the cars, by tapping it against the front windscreen on the driver's side. Once you are inside the car the keys will be attached near the steering wheel. Please do not take them out of the car, if you're stopping mid trip always lock the car using your access card.
2How does parking and returning the car work?
The car you book will have a dedicated home parking space and itmust be returned to the same location you picked it up from when ending your trip. Parking during your booking is your responsibility, you can't park in other Cityhop spots.
3Who puts fuel in the cars?
The cost of fuel is covered by your booking cost. All our cars have a Z Energy fuel card in them, allowing you to top up at any Z Station. It is the driver's responsibility to put fuel in the car if it falls below a quarter of a tank during your booking.
4What accessories are in the cars? Can I take my child, pets or bike?
Some cars have child car seats and we are happy for you to put your own in any of the cars. A few of our cars have a tow bar or are pet friendly. You can filter the cars by special features such as these when booking a car.
5Can my partner/friend/family drive during my booking?
All drivers of the car must be a Cityhop member whether that is their own personal membership or as an additional driver on your account. If you have a Hop Regular account, you can add another two drivers to your account and they can drive during your bookings.
6Things that go wrong: lost property, damage & accidents?
Please call us if you have any urgent issues, or email us if you have lost items - we can get you back into the car to find them without charge.

Costs and invoicing

1How much will it cost?
Your trip bill depends on the time and distance you drive for. The day rate means there is a cap at about six to seven hours and includes 150km free. Our system will always choose the cheapest option for you whether that is the daily rate or hourly. You can view all of our rates here.
2When will I be billed for a booking?
Your bookings will be billed at the end of the month and charged at the beginning of the next month. In some cases, we will charge you at the time, although this amount will still appear on your invoice at the end of the month it will not be charged twice!
3How do I pay my invoice?
Payment will be automatically taken from your credit/debit card at the start of the next month. Please call us to update your card if it is replaced or lost.
4Tolls and other charges
If you drive on a toll road it is automatically paid for by us, we will add this charge to your invoice so don't worry about paying it online yourself. You still need to follow the road rules when driving a Cityhop car! If you do not, you will be subject to the normal fines and charges associated with breaking these: we will get in contact with you if you do receive any tickets.
5What if I'm late?
You will be charged for the time you have driven over your booking. If you inconvenience the next user because they need to wait for the car you will be charged a fee, starting at $25, for the inconvenience caused. We will credit this amount to the person inconvenienced. In general, we recommend booking for slightly longer if you are unsure, and then calling us at the end of your booking if you return the car earlier.

Cityhop for Business

1How would Cityhop help our business?
Having a Hop Business account replaces the need for a fleet car. Cityhop takes care of the cleaning, maintenance and booking: saving you time and money. There is no limit of the number of drivers you can have on a business account, so all your employees can access a car if you need them to. Generally, Cityhop is cheaper than Uber and compensating employees for parking and mileage.
2How do I add another employee?
Once you've signed up you can add as many employees as you like, they will need to fill out an additional driver sign-up form, which can be found under the 'My Account' tab of the business account. They will also need to email us a copy of the front and back of their driving licence.
3How do access cards for businesses work?
Each employee will be sent their own access card. While your colleague is waiting for their card to arrive they are welcome to use another member's card for their booking. If you have employees who only need to drive the car once or twice, please give us a call.

Driving Electric

1How far can I drive?
A fully charged E-Golf can be driven 220km, but plan for 200km to be safe! Our PHEV’s run about 50km on EV mode before switching to petrol-hybrid.
2Where can I charge?
You can find a map of charging stations here. Please plug the electric cars in to charge when you return it to the pod at the end of your booking.
3How do I unplug/plug?
The charger cable should be attached to the car when you arrive. To disconnect, unlock the car and press the button on the car next to the charger port to release, then you can pull the cable out. The other end of the cable can then be unplugged from the charger and stored in the car boot. To plug it back in at the end of your booking you simply need to plug the cable into the car and charger, then follow the instructions on the charger to start.
4What if I run out of battery?
If you are worried about the battery running out before you can get to a charging station, try turning the aircon off and putting the car in eco mode. You can contact Cityhop for 24-hour assistance.
5How long does it take to charge?
A fast charge usually takes around 30 minutes. A standard charge will take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours.