Joining Cityhop

1How do I join?
Complete the sign-up form by clicking Join Now at the top of the screen. Make sure to have your driver's licence and credit/debit card ready.
2When can i drive? How long does sign up take?
Cityhop cars are locked and unlocked by smartcards. If you don't have a smartcard, you can't drive a Cityhop car. Smartcards are mailed to you after you've completed an application and can take a few days to arrive. If you need to drive today or tomorrow, do an online application, then phone us on 09 374 5081 and we will do our best to get you on the road.
3How does insurance work?
Insurance is included, but like every insurance, there is an amount you are liable for in the case of an accident. The amount depends on your age and driving experience. You can reduce your insurance excess by paying extra per month.
4What do I choose as my member number and access code?
You’ll be asked during sign up to choose two numbers: an 8 digit member number, and a 4 digit access code. These are your username and password for your Cityhop account so you can log in and make bookings. Most people choose their date of birth or phone number for their member number. The access code should be something you can remember but most people wouldn’t know. Don’t use your bank PIN as your access code!
5Is there Cityhop for business?
Yes, Cityhop for business is a great way to save your business money – and a time-saving alternative to taxis, rental cars, employee reimbursements and fleet cars. To learn more about Cityhop for Business, head to the For Business tab at the top of the page.


1What plan should I choose?
You can join as an individual or as a business member. For individuals, Hop Starter is great if you're looking to make occasional trips, while Hop Regular is best if you're making a few trips per month.
2How can I cancel my membership?
If you are wanting to cancel your membership, send us an email at info@cityhop.co.nz that includes your membership number and full name. We may also require you to complete a form for any refunds.
3How many drivers can be on my account?
Individuals on Hop Regular can register an additional two insured drivers on their account. Because Hop Starter is best for infrequent trips, it is a single driver plan. Corporate accounts can register an unlimited number of insured drivers (there may be an additional sign-up cost).
4How much does it cost to hire cars?
Hourly rates for our main fleet range from $9.50 to $11.50 including fuel. The day rate (for bookings from 7 to 24 hours) ranges from $65 to $80 including fuel and 120km of mileage.
We also offer specialised vehicles with hourly rates ranging from $12.50 to $15 and day rates from $85 to $120.
5I just need a car as a once-off
Cityhop is a membership-based system. This means that we have membership fees. If you only need a car as a one-off you will need to consider these fees on top of usage rates.
A Cityhop membership gives you access to cars when you need them. It might be a one-off now, but if you’re likely to have more in the future that’s when a membership comes in handy.
6I need a car for a few weeks
Cityhop is most cost-effective when you only book for the hours or days you need a car. It can get very expensive to hire a car for multiple weeks. If you know you will be without a car for a while get to know your closest Cityhop car and just book it when you need to drive.
You might even find, like many other Cityhop members, that you don’t need to own a car!
7Student plans?
We currently do not have a student plan, but if you would like to make an enquiry please email info@cityhop.co.nz.

Business Accounts

1What do I need to create a business account?
You will need your company name and address, and the company credit card for payment. As part of the process you'll be signing up as a driver too, so you will need: - Your driver's licence - Credit card for initial membership payment of $20.00
2My company has an account, how do I drive?
Each driver has their own login and smartcard. To join as an additional driver on a corporate account, you need their sign up link. The primary account administrator can invite you from the Booking system, which emails you a custom link.
3I'm interested in signing up my company
Cityhop is a great way to move your team about. If you're part of a department that would find car share handy, you can sign up and we will send you a monthly bill. Much easier than buying a car or reimbursing cab receipts! Get in touch with us at info@cityhop.co.nz or on 09 374 5081 and we can answer any questions you might have.

Booking Cars

1What is the day rate?
The day rate is a flat rate that includes up to 24 hours and 100 kms. It is applied automatically to give you the best price.
For the day rate to be applied, bookings and any extensions must be consecutive.
2How do the trips work?
You book for the time you need the car. This means that you calculate your round trip from pick up to drop off at the cars home location.
3Do I need to book in advance?
You can book cars far in advance or last minute. You can even book for the current hour if you need to drive straight away.
Most members only book a few hours in advance. To ensure you get a car over long weekends and holidays, you may need to book further in advance.
4Can I extend my booking?
Yes. Booking extensions can be made before the end of your booking by using our mobile friendly site. If you're having difficulty then please call us on 09 374 5081.
5Bookings on the half hour
You can make bookings in half hour slots, but a minimum duration of 1 hour still applies.
6Location surcharges
Some locations have surcharges. The vast majority of our cars do not have location surcharges. The booking system shows any location surcharges (or discounts) applicable before you choose it, and the surcharge is displayed in the booking confirmation screen before you confirm the booking.


1What areas do you operate in?
All our cars live in dedicated pods in suburban streets, office buildings, parking buildings and on-street locations in Auckland and Wellington.
2What cars are near me?
Our cars are all economy cars, so it's likely a Toyota Yaris or Corolla is your local car. If you're a member, all cars near you are shown on the booking system when you log in. If you're not a member, you can find cars near you using the map on our website.
3How do tolls work?
All Cityhop cars are set up for automatic toll payment with NZTA, so when you drive on a toll road your Cityhop account is charged with the toll amount.