COVID-19 Update 25-03-2020 This page contains our most recent update from the Ministry of Transport which can be found here

Dear Cityhoppa

During the level 4 alert;

  • Vehicles will not be available for by the hour bookings
  • Account registrations will still be processed, but with limited support (i.e. mail).
  • New Registrations cannot use the cars until the lockdown ends or the Government changes its policy.
  • Live Chat, Phone and Email support will still be available
During the level 4 lockdown we have been advised that our public, hourly car share service can not be available.

If you have been a long-term member of Cityhop you may be able to book a car as long as it is only for you or the people in your isolation group (bubble). Remember that the Government has outlined what is considered a necessary reason to be driving a car.

If you rely heavily on our service for necessities or you are an essential worker, please get in touch as we can see if we can help you find a suitable solution.

The Cityhop Team