COVID-19 Update 25-05-2020 This page contains our most recent update.

COVID19 UPDATE 25/05/2020: Read our latest update here regarding the Cityhop service during Level 3.

Level 2 Announcement

We have made some changes to ensure that our members are supported and provided for.

  • We have increased our OVERNIGHT promo code to work from 5pm-9am, to assist with commuting
  • We have launched Cityhop Subscription, a car subscription service to give dedicated and long-term vehicle options
  • We will be running frequent promotions to encourage members to get out and support local businesses
We will be maintaining our level 3 enhanced and frequent cleaning practises until the country has demonstrated long-term control over the COVID-19 virus. These practices include but are not limited to;

  • Frequent and enhanced cleaning schedules to all vehicles.
  • Application of a specialised product to all high touch areas which provides long-lasting surface sterilisation.
If there is anything further we can do to support you please contact us.

Please continue to practice good hygiene as health authorities advise.

If you are feeling unwell please do not use our vehicles.

For the most up to date information on coronavirus and what you can do, please visit


COVID19 UPDATE 24/04/2020: Read our latest update here regarding the Cityhop service during Level 3.

Please read our latest member newsletter regarding Alert Level 3 and an exciting new option here.


COVID19 UPDATE 21/04/2020: Read our latest update here regarding the Cityhop service during Level 3.

Dear Cityhoppa,

We are currently Alert Level 4 but are moving to Level 3 on Tuesday 28th April.

During the level 3 alert;

  • A select number of vehicles will be available for bookings by the hour and day
  • Every vehicle will be cleaned before opening for service – this means more vehicles will be available as the week goes on
  • Account registrations will still be processed
  • Live chat, phone and email support will be available

Please remember that personal movement is still limited, and recreational travel must be local. You can find more information on what trips you are permitted to do here.

Kia Kaha
The Cityhop Team

Dear Cityhoppa

During the level 4 alert;

  • Vehicles will not be available for by the hour bookings
  • Account registrations will still be processed, but with limited support (i.e. mail).
  • New Registrations cannot use the cars until the lockdown ends or the Government changes its policy.
  • Live Chat, Phone and Email support will still be available
During the level 4 lockdown we have been advised that our public, hourly car share service can not be available.

If you have been a long-term member of Cityhop you may be able to book a car as long as it is only for you or the people in your isolation group (bubble). Remember that the Government has outlined what is considered a necessary reason to be driving a car.

If you rely heavily on our service for necessities or you are an essential worker, please get in touch as we can see if we can help you find a suitable solution.

The Cityhop Team