Cost Savings

Owning Cityhop
Toyota Yaris Toyota RAV4 Hop Regular When hiring a Toyota Yaris
INITIAL COSTS On-Road Price1 $22,490.00 $39,990.00 One off joining fee
Membership Fee
MONTHLY COSTS Depreciation2 $236.50 $399.83 Hourly Rate $11.00
Registration, Insurance, WoF & Roadside Assistance3 $95.48 $106.14
Tyres, Maintenance & Servicing4 $55.47 $66.71
Fuel5 $112.29 $149.19
Parking $120.00
TOTAL PER MONTH6 $519.74 $841.87 ~$216.007
COST SAVINGS PER MONTH ~$303.74 to 625.87
COST SAVINGS PER YEAR ~$3,644 to $7,510

We save you time as well:

  • Cleaning your car
  • Vehicle administration, management and maintenance
  • Looking for a car park
  • Looking for and buying a new car

How were operating costs calculated?

1 Sourced from AA New Zealand New car prices list.
2 Depreciation calculated from ownership period of five years, with final value obtained from EECA residual value; Vehicle total cost of ownership tool.
“The residual value is […] based on the specific vehicle and its age and distance traveled. It is calculated based on third-party data from a variety of sources (e.g. auction houses), with an estimated degree of accuracy of 83%”.
3 Calculated annually as follows:
Registration: $156.77 for a Yaris, $134.69 for a Rav4 – including registration, ACC Levy and admin fee obtained from ACC NZ.
Insurance: Comprehensive cover for a Yaris at $850 and a Rav4 at $1000 based on averages of current insurance quotes for a 3-year-old car (half way through calculated lifetime), with similar excess, one 28-year-old male driver, parked outside in Newmarket/Epsom.
AA Roadside Assistance: $89 – figure obtained from AA Website.
WoF: $50 from an authorized Toyota service center.
4 Tyre costs estimated at $150 per Yaris tyre and $220 per Rav4 tyre, replaced after 25,000km.
Servicing costs obtained from Toyota NZ with the suggested servicing time at one year (occurring before 15,000km as per note 6).
5 Fuel economy obtained from; average fuel price used is $2.06, as reported by the Stats NZ Consumers price index for the June 2018 quarter.
6 Annual cost after km uses mileage of 10,220km, calculated as 365 times the average distance per day of 28km reported by the May 2014 New Zealand Household Travel Survey.
7 Average Cityhop usage cost per month.

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