Cityhop Subscription

Cityhop and Toyota Financial Services want to help you get moving again.
We can provide you a car by the hour, by the day, by the week or by the month.

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Frequently Asked Questions

For the Cityhop Subscription Plan

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1How do I book a car?
Complete our sign-up form online. You will need to be over 18, and have your driver's licence and debit/credit card. Once you've completed your registration simply submit what vehicle and length you are looking for.
2How soon can I collect a vehicle?
Within the week of making the booking/subscription.
3What does the weekly price include?
The weekly price includes insurance, roadside assist, registration, licensing, servicing and routine maintenance. We've got you covered, you can hit the road without having to worry about car hassles!
4What is the minimum term?
The minimum term is 2 weeks. After 2 weeks you can cancel at anytime.
5Is there a maximum term?
Yes the maximum term is 12 weeks. If you require the vehicle for longer we can change the vehicle while we can perform maintenance on it.
6Is maintenance included?
Yes, maintenance is included. All you have to worry about is how long you want the vehicle for, and refueling. We take care of the maintenance, servicing, licensing, registration etc
7Can I extend my subscription?
Yes, simply go to the "My Bookings" page here, and extend your booking as you please.
8How is this different to 'Cityhop cars by the hour'?
Cityhop cars by the hour is our car share model, it has car sharing technology and the pricing is all inclusive fuel, insurance, designated parking etc
Cityhop subscription does not have fuel, designated parking, or a cityhop smart card.
9I’m already a Cityhop member
If you would like to make a subscription booking, simply make a booking request here
10Is there a kilometre limit?
Yes, there is a kilometre limit of 2,000 kilometres a month. Any additional kilometres will be charged at $0.15/per kilometre.
11Can my partner/friend/family drive this vehicle?
All drivers of the car must be registered on the Cityhop subscription account. You can add up to 4 additional drivers on the membership details page.
12What happens if I have an accident?
In emergencies please call 111. When possible please call us on 0800 2 2489467, and one of our member support team will assist you.
You could be liable for the vehicle excess if you are at fault.
13Am I Insured?
Yes! We insure all our drivers if they are following our terms and conditions. The excess for any accident is $1,200.
14What happens if I damage the vehicle?
If the car is damaged during your subscription, the excess is $1,200 and applies for each separate accident, incident or new damage.
15Can I swap the car?
Yes! with our subscription plan you can swap cars when you need (pending availability). Simply contact the Cityhop team at and we will organise a vehicle swap for you.
16Is fuel included in the subscription cost?
Fuel is not included in the Cityhop subscription cost, fuel is only included in Cityhop cars by the hour.
17Where do I return the vehicle when finished?
Please contact our support team when you would like to return the vehicle, we will find you a convenient option.
Vehicle returns must be in the same city you collected the vehicle from.

Fine Schedule

If the vehicle is returned in an unreasonable state, a $65.00 cleaning charge will apply.
2Smoking inside the vehicle
Smoking in Cityhop cars is not allowed. A $250 fine applies for your first offence, but your membership may be terminated on repeat offences.
3Investigation Fees
Infringements like unpaid parking fines and speeding fines come through to us from local authorities and the police. As the owner of the car, we then need to investigate who had the booking at the time, and allocate the infringement to the member responsible. To cover this admin burden, there is a $25 fee for investigating and allocating infringements. Most of the time this will appear on your invoice as $25 – Admin Fee.
4Animals in cars
You can take an animal in any Cityhop car, so long as it is in a suitable pet carrier. Whether a car is pet-friendly or not, it is your responsibility to ensure the car is clean at the end of your booking. If a car is not suitable because of animal-related uncleanliness or messiness, the responsible member is liable for a $85 fine. This is to cover a special clean of the vehicle, and to compensate the inconvenienced member.
5Returning the vehicle late
Booking charges will apply for use of the vehicle outside the booking time, as well as a late fee of $65.