Cityhop for Me

What is Cityhop?

We think it's the smart way to move around

Drive a car by the hour - parking and fuel included!

Cityhop is easy to use

You choose the car, the location and the time you want. Book online, through our app or with a call.

Cityhop saves you money

Owning a car is expensive: depreciation, petrol, parking, insurance, servicing, registration, warrant of fitness and maintenance!
With Cityhop you pay only for what you use, no hassles.

Cityhop gives you options

We have a car and an accessory for every occasion. Car seats, bike racks, tow bars, roof racks etc.!
Cityhop allows thousands of Aucklanders and Wellingtonians to live one car less and use public transport with access to a car if they need.

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