For Developers

For Developers

Adding car share to a development makes it easy for people buying to see they can live without owning a car and use Cityhop.

Talk to us today to discuss the best place to locate a car, and whether we can work together with Auckland Transport to locate a car near your project.

Cityhop for Residents

Great selling point - residents can use an onsite car as if was theirs

All the benefits of owning a car without the hassle

Residents only pay for what they use

A happier, healthier lifestyle - residents can walk, cycle or use public transport

Less car dependence means more money is spent locally

Cityhop for Business

The smart 'fleet' solution

Cityhop takes car of everything - we own the cars, we fuel and clean

No decisions about a new fleet

Enough cars for the whole team

No personal car claims

Simple to follow activity reports

Eco-friendly, affordable, flexible and easy to use

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