Why we need fewer cars

How do we name our cars?
August 31, 2017
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Steve Jobs once said there are 8 parks for every car in America! No wonder people spend so much time driving around because the reality for most of us in big cities is that there will never be enough parks for the number of cars. That’s a good thing. Cities are about people, people need to move about, the more we walk in our cities the healthier, happier and stronger they become.

That’s why we love car share. We make it easier for people to walk, bike or use public transport and for those times when they need a car – Cityhop has one nearby. Most people hardly use the car they have. They use it to get from home to work and often back again. Cars are generally parked for 98 % of the time says the Phillip Boyle report out of Australia. The space required to park cars is ugly and not a good use of expensive land.

Too many cars on our streets means parents often drive their children to school, walk to see friends or let them play on the street.

In 1950 the average person travelled 5 miles a day. In 2000 they travelled 30 miles a day and 2020 it’s estimated to be 60 miles a day! We all drive more than our grandparents did. We know that because if you’re over 40 you probably remember they managed with only one car!

Cars are making us selfish and isolated. Its pollution is destroying the air we breathe and our waterways. Even if you drive an electric car it’s still adding to the congestion, parking pressure and road accidents.

Car share makes us think of the next person using the car. It makes us more considerate, filling it with petrol, taking our rubbish, and generally taking care of the car as if it was our own. For smarter, healthier and happier cities we need to rethink car ownership, car usage and encourage more car sharing.