How do we name our cars?

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August 11, 2017
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October 23, 2017
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We want people to treat our cars as if they owned them. So we decided to name them. 

      We often get asked, “how did you decide on that name?” Here’s the story!

The first people who we thought should get a car name were our early members. They mean a lot to us; they helped us get started – so some of them have a car named after them. Fortunately, they also had fairly common names and we found we had a lot of other members with similar names! We then decided we should recognise members who we know rely on us and have got rid of a personal car. That’s why we have cars named Elaine, Rob, Lisa, Karen, Peter, Helen, Franc, Bonnie, Chris, Anna.

Other cars are named after the current and past team at Cityhop – some incredibly hard-working and dedicated people. They have become passionate about encouraging #onecarless and go or have gone out of their way to help members, doing an unsung job of making Auckland and Wellington much better cities to live in! So thanks Vicky, Alex, Ben, Mitch, Cam, Dan, Jimmy and Katy.

      Okay, so how did we call a car Dorothy or Hoptimus Prime? We asked you!

When we added a car to one of our pods, we asked a regular company member for help naming it. They had a contest and Hoptimus Prime came out with the most votes! We liked it – a merge of our name and a Transformers reference that also sounds optimistic and happy! Dorothy was named by another regular business – maybe it’s an in-house joke?

If you have a good idea for one of our cars or you want to join the list, let us know.

Ben with Lionel the Leaf