The alarm is going off… Help!

Help! I can’t get into the car
July 12, 2016
Damn, What’s My Password?
April 13, 2017
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Cityhop cars will auto lock themselves after about ten minutes as a security measure.  That’s why we say always keep your card on you.

So if you have swiped into the car and haven’t started the engine straight away you might have a  problem. And when you start the car the alarm may go off.

If you have got into the car, and are waiting for someone, have taken a phone call and then go to start up it’s possible the alarm will go off.

Don’t panic!

Just wait for the alarm to finish, and from the driver’s seat place your smartcard over the card reader. You should hear a click. Try to start the car again. If the alarm goes off, try swiping again.

The yellow light on the card reader, as visible from both inside and outside the car, shows you whether the car is locked or not. Flashing means unlocked, steady means locked. If you’re not sure, check the light before starting the car, and swipe your card if it’s steady.

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