Is cityhop for me?

Don't need to own a car - join the club!

Of course some people do need a car to drive somewhere almost every day, to work, home and after work. They want a car in their own driveway.

They need to pay its insurance, registration and 6 monthly WOFs. They need to pay for servicing and watch it depreciate.

Not cityhop members. They save money. They need a car sometimes to go somewhere. That's why they joined up to use cityhop. They book online ( from 1 hour to a few days), go to the handy location and swipe their smartcard. The doors unlock and off they drive. We even pay the gas! Then they bring it back. That simple. You do the sums. Below is a chart to help you.

Work it out for yourself

Here are some true cost of ownership figures from the AA to help you decide if cityhop is for you.


cityhop Membership

Owning a car (1)

Owning a car (2)

Owning a car (3)

Car Type Toyota Yaris up to 1500cc 1501 - 2000 cc 2001 - 3500 cc
Depreciation $0.00 $226.50 / month $303.00 / month $394.00 / month
Capital cost-outlay / interest $0.00 $1484.00 / month $1698.00 / month $2651.00 / month
Insurance, registration $0.00 $84.50 / month $90.50 / month $91.50 / month
Petrol, servicing, tyres 100kms included then 25cents / km $234.00 / month $276.00 / month $318.00 / month
Dedicated inner city parking $0.00
ALL cityhop cars have a dedicated parking spot
$250.00 / month $250.00 / month $250.00 / month
If you drive 1-2 times/month:
If you drive 1-2 times/week:
If you drive 3-4 times/week:

$67.00 a month
$200.00 a month (estimate)
$350.00 a month (estimate)
$2,279.00 a month $2,617.50 a month $3,704.50 a month
* Based on AA car costs model