What does it cost? Only $15.00* / hour (includes fuel & insurance)

cityhop - ONLY $15.00* an hour - yes, this includes everything, your petrol, your maintenance, your WOF, your registration, basic insurance, yes ONLY $15.00* an hour, join up now & start saving.

cityhop rates for personal membership

all prices are in NZD and include GST
Annual membership    
12 months Application fee
12 monthly membership
Subsequent drivers on same account
6 months Application fee
6 monthly membership
Subsequent drivers on same account
Hourly rates Individual user
Overnight rate (mileage cap of 40km) 6:00pm to 8:00am $30.00
Daily rates (mileage cap of 100km) per 24hrs $75.00
Excess kms per km $00.25

Standard insurance excess for any accident $1000
Members can reduce this to $300 by paying $15 per month*
Under 21 $1500
Inexperienced driver (held full license for less than 12 months) $1900
*only members who are older than 21 and have had license for more than 12 months can reduce excess

(all costs are subject to change)
cityhop reserves the right to increase the hourly rate subject to petrol price increases
  • Regular user rates exclude over night hires and 24 hour hires
  • Usage is charged in 30 minute units, with a 1 hour minimum.
  • Booking via our website is free and only takes a minute. There is a phone booking surcharge.
  • If a membership is cancelled - unused months are refundable.

cityhop wants to help as many people as possible experience the freedom and cost savings of not owning your own car.

  • We offer you freedom.
  • We cover your registration.
  • We pay your insurance.
  • We take the car to the mechanic for you.
  • We buy new tyres.
  • We clean it.
  • We wash it.
  • We even pay for your petrol.
  • We don’t use old cars or petrol guzzlers. We use new cars that are fuel efficient and have low emissions.
  • We eliminate all the hassles from owning your own car, and leave you with only the benefits.

It costs thousands and thousands of dollars a year to own a car in the city when you add up all the ‘hidden’ extras.  Work it out for yourself on the AA chart »