cityhop Press Releases

Eco-friendly car scheme launches in Auckland (22KB)
Cityhop, New Zealandís first car share company was launched in Auckland central by the Prime Minister, the Rt Honourable Helen Clark on September 27th 2007. more
Cityhop 3 years old (115KB)
Launched in 2008 with 3 cars, Cityhop car share has celebrated its 3rd Birthday late last year. more
Why Car Share Reduces Congestion (85KB)
A 2006 CommunAuto survey (Quebec car share company) found that every car share vehicle replaced 8 individually owned cars more
The Green Argument for car sharing (57KB)
We all know kiwis like their cars, according to Sustainable Living we have sixty of them for each 100 of the population. Two thirds of our work force drives to work. Should we? more
How does it work? (43KB)
CITYHOP is simple & easy to use. It's just book, swipe, drive. more
What sort of cars of we have? (47KB)
The Cityhop vehicles consist of Daihatsu Sirions. According to no rival can beat the new Sirionís outstanding performance, economy and emissions balance which further establishes Daihatsu as a world leader in environmentally conscious cars. more
Who is behind Cityhop? (43KB)
Cityhop is a joint venture between the companyís Chief Executive and shareholder Victoria Carter and JUCY Rentals. more