Carshare for Staff

cityhop offers a range of packages for companies that wish to offer memberships to their team.

And we bet it will save you money. The cost of running a car and providing a carpark in the CBD all add up. For the amount of business use the company car gets consider the alternative – cityhop. You can't go far in a taxi for $15.00 but you can have our car for an hour.

Travel Work plans

More and more companies are developing travel work plans for their employees. Many companies are also looking at how to assist their staff who do use public transport.

Cars for ‘emergencies’ is one of the biggest hurdles preventing many people from using public transport. cityhop solves it. If a child is sick or you need to go to the Doctor you can use your corporate membership of cityhop to grab a car and do what you need to do.

Salary package

Bundle a cityhop membership into your staff salary packages and provide your employees with an environmentally friendly and tax-effective transport solution.

Impress Clients

When your team arrive in a cityhop car, clients will be impressed you are saving them money and being eco-friendly.

Next step

We have special corporate packages depending on the size of your organisation. Find out more. Make contact below.