Property Developers / Building Owners

Drive change – do your bit for congestion. Consider whether you can release a car park space for your development or existing building and make it a cityhop spot.

Adding a cityhop park to your development not only is environmentally friendly but also a great encouragement for tenants / residents to make your building their choice.

Your building occupants would love having a cityhop onsite. Their driving needs would all be covered without the costly expense of owning their own cars. cityhop can provide your building development with a unique and appealing addition.

Instead of providing 2 parks per dwelling, explain to Council that having one or two carshare spaces specifically for residents will solve transport needs. Its worked in the CBD - ask us for more information.

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For more information about how cityhop can help your organisation or to see how cityhop works please contact cityhop on 0800 2 CITYHOP (0800 2 248 9467) or email