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Case Study: Gerry needs to visit clients from his office, but doesn't want to drive to work.

Problem: Gerry runs a relatively small business and commutes to work (he likes to read the paper on the train). Sometimes he has to visit his clients or pick up stuff across town, which means he has to drive his car into work and pay for parking. He hates driving all the way in just to go to a 1 hour meeting, and then not being able to use early bird parking rates.

Solution: Gerry joined Cityhop, which meant he could read the papers on the morning train but still have the flexibility of a car when he needed one. The Cityhop car was only a short walk from his office, and it was always clean and full of gas! Cityhop saved Gerry time as well as the wear and tear that commuting caused on his own car. Gerry is thinking of joining his organisation onto a Cityhop Corporate account so his assistant can use it instead of taxis.

Case Study: Linda lives on Waiheke Island, ferries into the city each day but doesn't have access to a car when in the city.

Problem: Linda has a small car at home on Waiheke, commutes by ferry to work in the city and when she has to visits clients resents the cost of taxis but likes the convenience and ability to be on time.

Solution: Linda joined Cityhop, which meant she had access to a car whenever she needed to visit clients. Best of all compared to the price of a taxi, Cityhop was way cheaper. With more disposable income and Linda was able to treat herself with the money saved by carsharing.

Case Study: Betty needs a second car.

Problem: Betty lives in the CBD city and has a young child. She and her partner own one car and are considering getting a second car. However, she's not sure that it will be used enough to justify the expense or that she'll be guaranteed a park in her crowded street. She doesn't really want to buy a cheaper older car because of concerns about reliability.

Solution: Susan joined Cityhop as an alternative to buying a second car. She was attracted to the new Cityhop car, just a 400m walk away. It meant she had a guaranteed parking spot, and she took her family on a holiday with the money she saved!

Case Study: Tim doesn't own a car, but needs to get to an appointment once a week.

Problem: Tim mainly gets around by pushbike or by foot, but needs to go to a specialist appointment out east every Tuesday morning. A train or bus trip takes too long, is often unreliable and can be inconvenient. Tim is thinking about buying a car but is concerned about the expense, since he really only needs a car for a few hours a month.

Solution: Tim joined Cityhop, and now has the freedom to get to his appointments. Cityhop membership also means when it's wet, he can take a car instead of walking through the rain. He also likes Cityhops overnight rate, and often will hire overnight to visit friends and family.