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To find out more information on how cityhop works or for more detailed information on how cityhop can help your organisation and what it might cost please contact us on 0800 2 CITYHOP (0800 2 248 9467) or email We'll work through exactly what your business driving needs are, and then develop a tailored package that’s just right for you and your business.

Business / Company Travel

cityhop has a corporate membership to encourage businesses to use the cityhop service instead of using a company car or taxis.

As more businesses work out what the size of their taxi bill and their carbon ‘footprint’ is they may be more concerned about reducing it. cityhop will save you money.

You can use our cars at any location in Auckland or Wellington. We even have partners overseas.

Our clients are law firms, engineers, architects, Barristers, NGOs, large corporates, universities - anyone smart enough to know we save you money.

Hassle free

We provide you with a monthly statement detailing all your costs and saving you chasing receipts and so on. We make it so easy in fact, that your employees can have two accounts, one for business use and one for personal use so you don’t have to figure out which journeys you should be paying for.

Outsourcing company cars

Managing a fleet of company cars is expensive and time-consuming. We can manage your cars for you; the supply, administration and maintenance. We do it all while saving you money and time.

Business rates

At cityhop we believe in simple, transparent and fair pricing. We hate hidden charges and fees.

Remember registration, insurance, maintenance, cleaning, designated parking and petrol is all included.

cityhopBiz Plan

All prices are in NZD and exclude GST
Sign Up Fee First driver:
Additional Drivers:
Membership Fee per month $10.00
Hourly rates per hour $15.00
Overnight rate (mileage cap of 40km) 6:00pm to 8:00am $30.00
Business day rates (mileage cap of 100 km) Monday to Friday only - per 24 hours $75.00
Excess km rate per km $0.25

Standard insurance excess for any accident $1000
Members can reduce this to $300 by paying $15 per month*
Under 21 $1500
Inexperienced driver (held full license for less than 12 months) $1900
*only members who are older than 21 and have had license for more than 12 months can reduce excess

(all costs are subject to change)
cityhop reserves the right to increase the hourly rate subject to petrol price increases
  • Usage is charged in 30 minute units, with a 1 hour minimum.
  • Booking via our website is free and only takes a minute. There is a phone booking surcharge.

Contact us today 0800 2 CITYHOP (0800 2 248 9467) or email to see what we can do for you.