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Frequently Asked Questions


What is car sharing? »

Car sharing gives you the ability to use a car without the costs and hassles of individual car ownership. Car sharing is popular already in the United States, Canada, England and Australia.

Will cityhop save me money? »

Yes, if you are not a heavy car user. If you occasionally use a car or commute to work and sometimes need a car to get to appointments, then cityhop will save you money.

How is car sharing different to car rental? »

Car share means you can rent by the hour form cars in lots of car parks rather than at one depot with minimum daily hire. Car share means self service. Once you are a member you can book at any time and then Cityhop programmes the car during office hours.

What kind of cars do you have? »

The cityhop cars are zippy little Toyota Yaris and comply with stringent pollution controls. And as they have low fuel consumption this means fewer greenhouse gas emissions which is good for all of us and the earth!

How do I find the car I reserved? »

When you are booking on line you will have the choice of which convenient spot you wish to pick your car up from. Just go to this address and your cityhop car will be there waiting for you.

How will I spot the car? »

Cityhop cars all have the cityhop logo on them. They are usually in car park spaces with a cityhop sign.

Can I take a one-way trip?»

Unfortunately not yet.

Do you provide car seats for children? »

No, sorry we don't - you must bring your own.

Can I take my pet in the cityhop car? »

Yes as long as your pet is in a suitable pet carrier.

Can I smoke in the cityhop car? »

No. Smoking sux. A fine of up to $250 will be incurred if you do and you may be banned as a member.

Who pays for petrol? »

We do of course ! A fuel card is in the glove box. Remember to make sure there is at least a quarter tank of gas for the next user.

Can I hire a car from Auckland or Christchurch airport? »

No sorry we do not currently have any cars in these locations.

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Am I eligible to join cityhop? »

Yes – unless you’re on a learner's license. We accept both Restricted and Full licenses just to make it easier for you.

How simple is the signup process? »

It’s as simple as going online and filling out our easy membership form - or for a surcharge of $5.00 you can phone our call centre on 0800 2 CITYHOP. To join now click on this link. Join now.

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How do I make a booking? »

Go to the cityhop website, enter your personal login and password, choose your car and time. Simple as that!

How long before my trip do I have to book? »

A booking takes a couple of minutes to reach the car and then you are good to go! Please note that underground carparks may take a bit longer as they are in concrete bunkers.

How far in advance can I make a booking? »

Anytime. We recommend you book when you know you need a car. If you want a car at the last minute call the call centre during office hours and make sure we have got your booking and are able to programme it.

How and when do I cancel a booking? »

Call or email our call centre. There is no charge if you cancel 5 hours before the start of your booking.

If I return the car early do I pay the full amount ? »

Yes. You will still be charged for the booked session, since we charge for the time when the car was not available to anyone else.

Does it matter if I pick up the car late? »

No, you can pick it up at any time during the period you have booked.

How long can I have the cityhop car for? »

As long as you want, if you want the car for more than 2 days please call us. If you want to extend your booking while you have the car you can do this on your phone or call us during office hours and we can do it for you. We will extend your hire if there is no one else waiting.

What if I am late bringing the cityhop car back? »

If you know you are running late please call cityhop and let us know. If there is not another booking after yours we can extend your booking. If there is we will need you to return to base. so the next customer isn't delayed or else you may have to pay their travel charges. See the Terms and Conditions

Where is the carpark exit/entry ticket? »

If your car park requires an entry/exit ticket this will be in the sun visor. You must put it back there or face a fine.

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cityhop smart cards

Can anyone else use my cityhop card? »

No – its your special card – just for you. The card is not transferable and no other driver may use the card unless they have been added to your membership.

What do I do if I lose my cityhop card? »

Contact us immediately on 0800 2 CITYHOP so we can cancel your old card and issue you with a new card. A fee of $50 will be charged to your next invoice.

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How will I be charged? »

cityhop is a next generation company. To reduce the requirement for traditional paper based invoicing invoices are sent by email.

How will I know when cityhop debits me? »

cityhop will invoice you depending on the frequency of your usage and advise when it will debit your credit card in case you wish to query anything.

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What if the cityhop car is damaged during my trip while I'm away from the vehicle? »

If the cityhop car is damaged by someone other than the member, cityhop will investigate the damage and make a decision as to whether the cityhop member is liable.

What happens if damages occurs while the cityhop car is parked in between reservations? »

Members are required to inspect the vehicle before they begin the trip and to let cityhop know if there is any damage.

What counts as “damage”? »

Normal wear and tear such as paint chips and small dings are not counted.

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