Help! I can’t get into the car

The alarm is going off… Help!
April 13, 2017
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April 13, 2017

Damn, What’s My Password?

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April 13, 2017

The alarm is going off… Help!

Cityhop cars will auto lock themselves after about ten minutes as a security measure.  That’s why we say always keep your card on you. So if […]

Help, I can’t get into the car
Every month we write a couple of blogs about the things we get the most calls about. Please keep an eye on the blog – you might find out something helpful which will make using cityhop easier.
So you have booked a car, turned up and you can’t get in? Before you book another car or phone us just check a couple of things

Are you in the correct car park? You would be amazed how often people go on auto pilot to their favourite car park and forget they booked a different car.

Are you at the correct car? Check the number plate against your booking confirmation email.

Do you have the right smartcard? Each driver has their own smartcard, and the car won’t unlock for others.

If you’re sure you’re using the right smartcard to get into the right car, the vehicle may still be unresponsive. This could be because the previous user has left the lights on and the cars is now flat.

Now if you’re at the start of your booking, just book another car and phone us or email with the details.
If your car is unresponsive during a booking and it is during working hours, please give us a call. If it happens after hours call Roadside Assistance on 0508 NZROAD

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